Potential limitations

  1. Introduction: Describe the background to your study, purpose, and potential limitations. Answer briefly why you chose to focus on this organization. Introduce the flow of your study in general terms and how your remaining report is structured. 2.Overview: Present the Organization; based on gathered information. 3.Analysis: When drafting the report; emphasize this section in particular, as I am primarily interested in your analysis based on the overview, your experience, and learnings from the course. Apply models and concepts covered in class for your analysis (remember to reference properly), and you may apply insights from other courses as well. You want to approach this systematically by applying a design thinking approach. Be constructive in your analysis by emphasizing the positives and areas of improvement. 4.Conclusions: At the end of the report you want to summarize your key discoveries in terms of the overview study and your in-depth analysis. Focus on the evident strengths as well as areas of improvement. 5.References: literature and interview (document name(s), time, duration, and list the questions) 6.Appendices: Material like larger graphs and/or tables etc. can be attached to document, with reference in text that steers the leader to check out appendices.

Sample Solution