Practicum setting : Intensive care unit

Falls in Neuro critical care patients- reducing the numbers.
Assignment: Application 1: Identification of a Practice Issue for the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)
In many of the courses in the DNP program, you have been asked to analyze research literature when exploring issues in health care. Reflect now on an issue in your practice area that has different outcomes from
what is supported by the literature. For example, the literature evidence notes that nosocomial infections are
reduced when procedures such as hand washing, glove use, and isolation strategies are implemented. In your
clinical area, you have implemented these strategies and you are not seeing a reduction in nosocomial
For Application 1, you select an issue that will serve as the launching point for your Evidence-Based Practice
(EBP) Assignment.
Before you proceed with this assignment, you may wish to review the overview of the full EBP Assignment.
To prepare for Application 1:
Consider the specifics of your practicum setting, as well as practice-related challenges in your specialty area
that interest you. Brainstorm practice issues in which an outcome is different from what would be expected
according to the research literature.
Select one issue to focus on for this assignment. This will be your issue for the entire EBP Assignment, so be
sure it is one that will enable you to fulfill the project requirements (e.g., you can develop new approaches to
practice). You may wish to speak with your Practicum Mentor about your selection.
Explore the research literature on this issue.
To complete:
In a 2-page paper, address the following:
Provide a summary of the selected practice issue in which the outcome is different from what would be expected according to the research literature.

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