Predictor Effectiveness in Criterion Measure Estimation

After a potential predictor of employee performance is identified, it is necessary to observe its relationship with one or more criterion measure(s) of work related behaviors and/or performance. The criterion measures selected for employee performance predictors usually align with job-related tasks, behaviors, and outcomes. Depending on the specificity of the criterion, an in-depth analysis of the job may or may not be needed. How relevant are organizational factors such as turnover and absenteeism? How relevant is an employee’s personality or credit history? The criterion should dictate what you are measuring. Criterion measures should be selected based on job relevance, the relationship with chosen employee performance predictors, stability, and alignment with organizational outcomes (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc., 2003).

For this Discussion, select two employee performance predictors described in Learning Resources and current literature. Consider how each may or may not be effective in predicting sales performance.

Sample Solution