Prenatal Development

1. Select 1 article from the articles provided in the content folder.

2. Download a PDF copy of the article.
If you do not have the free Adobe PDF Reader installed on your computer, please download it from here If you need assistance with the download or installation, contact the IT HelpDesk.

3. Read the article, identifying the following information by (1) highlighting the text and (2) labeling it with a comment bubble (see the sample article provided in the Week 3 folder).
a. Journal information (name, date, volume/issue, page range).
b. Title
c. Author name
d. Author credentials
e. Purpose
f. Hypothesis
g. Significant terms and definitions
h. Characteristics of the participants and method of selection
i. Methodology: how was the study conducted?
j. Results
k. Conclusion: was the hypothesis supported?
l. Limitation(s) of the study
m. Strength(s) of the study
n. Recommendations (in a comment bubble at the end of the article indicate how this data might be used in future research; one sentence is sufficient, but be substantive.)
o. References

4. Write a brief reaction to this exercise.
In one full page, describe:
a) what you learned about prenatal development from your chosen article, and
b) what you learned about the scientific study of developmental psychology, and
c) what skills or abilities will help you improve your skills in using scholarly resources?
















Sample Solution