Presentation to Coaches

You are the Athletic Director at a high school. You are holding a pre-season meeting for all of your coaches. This is a 30 minute meeting that you are running. Some of the coaches are veterans while others are first year assistant coaches. What are some of the topics/areas that you want to cover? What will you want your coaches to know? What handouts and visual aids will you prepare for this meeting? For this Final Presentation Assignment, students will create a 30 minute presentation either through a 10-15 slide PowerPoint Presentation. Please use a separate Word document (minimum of 2 pages and cited appropriately) of your PowerPoint slides to act as your “script” for speaking throughout the the meeting. Remember, your presentation should exhibit the exact message you want to articulate to your coaches regarding their roles, responsibilities, duties, and impact of their decision-making and leadership.

Please feel free to discuss the items that are most important to you and the qualities you want to display to your coaches. Please do not let this list limit your presentation, but here are some topics you may want to consider: Developing goals, practice procedures and policies, training rules, discipline, conduct of players and coaches, cutting players, travel conduct, pregame and postgame procedures, drills, practice plans, awards and trophies, picking the team, selecting team captains, communicating with the media, communicating with parents, communicating with players, organizing your coaching staff, fundraising, decision-making, dealing with injuries, dealing with adversity, dealing with officials, honesty, dignity, ethical standards, consistency, fairness, motivation, respect, and having a plan for everything.

Sample Solution