Present an analysis of below case study, you are asked to discuss on the following aspects from your analysis of the case study and your findings by researching further into it.
Collaborative intelligence: Humans and AI Are Joining Forces. Wilson HJ, Daugherty PR. Harvard Business Review. 96(4), 2018.

  1. Case study are from the Harvard Business Review journal. Download the cases from the UHD Library databases. Full citations of the cases are on the next pages.
  2. Summarize the case study.
  3. Relate the framework / technologies / solutions mentioned in the case study to the topics you are studying in the textbook.
  4. Relate the framework / technologies / solutions mentioned in the case study to your work experience. Discuss anything that you learnt from the case study you can apply to your work and/or the other way around, which would be whether you can apply lessons learnt from your own experience to the case study.
  5. Relate how the framework / technologies / solutions mentioned in the case study are
    being used to improve business processes and build solutions in the fields of energy, infrastructure, urban design and LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED), agriculture, healthcare, transportation, social media, or other.
  6. Cite your references. It is expected that you will research significantly beyond the textbook to prepare your case study presentation.

Please pay attention to the following formatting and logistical requirements.

• Write a transcript of your presentation that you must also submit. Write the full transcript in a single Word document.
The purpose of the transcript is to document in as much detail as you can the content of you present as a means to prepare your presentation. The instructors will go through your transcript when reviewing your presentation for a grade. However, do not read from your transcript because that will be a reflection of a lack of confidence in effective public speaking.

Use a good balance of text and graphics in your slides. Well-chosen charts and images help your audience understand your point better.

Sample Solution