Your firm was hastily commissioned to design a small multi-family apartment building in The Bronx. The
client is a first-time developer, who is taking over the family real-estate business. He is young, and never
hired an architect before.
After the first meeting, you’ve noticed the client use strange language to describe schedule expectations.
In passing, he mentioned, “I wonder if we can have some drawings for the Building Department to review
month…” and then a few minutes later, “We hope to skip ahead to bidding the project in a few weeks…”
This afternoon, this email landed in your inbox:
Hello there!
I have been thinking in greater detail about the design schedule. I know we’re still exploring the zoning
envelope for the building site, but, how soon until we can get some construction documents from your firm?
My uncle knows a cost estimator that we might be able to use for free, but he’s only available until the end
next week.
Every dollar counts!
Compose a response email to this client, being sure to first delineate a “traditional phases of Project
Development” and then the value of each stage. Use care to explain why each stage exists, and when it
will be time to graduate from one stage to the next.

Sample Solution