Pressure Ulcers

Hospital Acquired Conditions: Pressure Ulcer Prevention
-as clients enter our healthcare facilities, hospitals, provider
offices, ECF and rehab centers they are at risk for developing preventable conditions associated
with care. Research and select best practices that are evidence based and demonstrate excellent
outcomes related to the condition: Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Transitions Paper Rubric

  1. Define the Topic being addressed including: (25 pts)
    · Current state of the topic in healthcare including supporting data-incidence, prevalence and impact
    Finance measures, costs, incidence rates
    · Impact on organization
  2. Best Practice 40 pts
    · Use best practice benchmarks (state or national)
    · How will shifting to “best practice” benchmarks provide improved patient/staff care and quality outcomes?
    · Include professional organization position statements.
    How will shifting to “best practice” impact an organization’s culture including their mission, vision, and values?
  3. Case Study/example of the evidence based practice applied with improved outcomes (15 pts) – find a case
    · Include a case study or example in which this evidence based practice was implemented and demonstrated
    improvement in practice, or quality outcomes.
    · This may be actual practice in another facility and student may include QI tools etc that the institution applied
    to achieve results
  4. Regulatory and Policy Considerations 10pts
    · What regulations or policies may help guide this topic? For example: Joint Commission, CMS, local health
    · Are there policies that may need to be written or revised for the process change. For example: medical staff,
    shared governance committees, infection prevention, administration, pharmacy
    · Are there any Human Resource, Licensure considerations or job description changes that may need to be
  5. Formatting and References 10pts
    · Paper will be completed using APA format
    · Paper will be 4-6 pages (excluding cover pages, references)
    · Charts and tables can used as addendums using APA format-they should be referenced in paper body but
    not included as part of the 4-6 page length
    · References-peer reviewed journals within last 5years

Sample Solution