Preventing Childhood Obesity

Preventing Childhood Obesity can be Complicated
In the US, childhood obesity continues to be a serious health issue. Research has determined that childhood
obesity increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and numerous other chronic
diseases. That’s serious stuff!
What primary factors are identified in Controversy 13 as the leading causes of childhood obesity? They are
numerous – and often interrelated. A number of approaches to the prevention of obesity in children have been
implemented, with varying degrees of success. What are some of the issues that need to be addressed to
increase the likelihood that such programs will be successful?
The references listed for Controversy 13 in Appendix F at the back of the text and several of the online
resources for this module will serve as a good starting point for you to investigate some of the programs that
have been implemented in the US as attempts to address the childhood obesity epidemic. Read critically! Why
have those programs not been consistently successful? Could it be that a different approach is needed? Could
community-based interventions be more successful? In other words, rather than parents/caregivers doing one
thing, schools another, physicians yet another, etc., what might happen if they all were working together? The
article linked here provides excellent information about community programs designed to ensure that children
have access to nutritious food choices that could reduce their risk of obesity. Nutrition Journal.
Are there similarities between your community and some that are discussed in that article? Can you envision
how community-based interventions might work in your community? For this assignment, you are to propose a
community-based intervention program to address childhood obesity in your community and post your proposal
for discussion. Your proposal should address the following questions: What factors contribute to childhood
obesity in your community ? Are there any unique issues in your community? Think about geographic as well
as economic issues. What programs currently are attempting to reduce childhood obesity rates? Are they
succeeding? Why do you think your proposed solution might be more effective? Your proposal can be applied
at any level, including, but not limited to, families, schools, communities, federal programs, corporate initiatives,
etc. If you perceive that childhood obesity is not an issue in your community, choose a nearby town/city

Sample Solution