Price analysis excel sheet

Go to the website and take a look at the following four companies you will find there (make sure you are

searching with the “companies” tab selected): Heather’s Choice (back-country food product); Soothie Suckers (herbal

sucker product); Qcut (a custom jeans company), and Abom (anti-fog products).

For this homework assignment you are to estimate the cost of starting a business and getting it to the point when it is

generating revenues and is cash flow positive. The startup company you are to analyze should be one of the four

companies listed in gust .com. You should estimate these start-up costs for the company as if it is just starting from the

idea. Areas you should think about that may require investment capital are product development, working capital for

inventory and funding accounts receivable, buildings and real estate, tooling, computers and supplies, equipment,

furniture, prepaid insurance and other professional expenses, and operating expenses through the time when the

business becomes cash flow positive. You should do your analysis in excel.





Sample Solution