Utilising the case study provided, you are to construct a written response of 1200 words in a formal essay format.

The primary survey is constructed of several components. Identify these components and discuss how a primary survey is used to assess and address a patient’s most immediate health care needs. Provide an example of your consideration for each component from the case study provided. Your resources need to demonstrate evidence of research into best practice and be appropriately referenced according to APA (American Psychological Association) referencing style.

You are dispatched to a 38-year-old female (Jane) who was seen to collapse at work. The patient is a firefighter and has been working all afternoon in the summer heat to bring a house fire under control.
On route to the address given a further update indicates that the patient is turning blue and the caller is unsure whether the patient is breathing.
On arrival you are met by another of the firefighters who leads you to the patient. She is lying laterally on the grass outside of the residence on fire. No other medical interventions have occurred. The firefighters indicate they are able to assist with any requests as required.




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