Principles of Business Management

After reading the following chapters from your Textbook or Week 1 Lecture (in Lecture link), answer the questions below. Please, give your answers in
your own words, do not copy and paste from the textbook or other sources
Chapter 1: The Manager’s Job
Learning objectives are listed at the beginning of each Chapter.

  1. What is the process of management? (Use a work experience or personal example to show the process of management). What are the managerial
    roles? (Use a work experience or personal example to show different managerial roles).
  2. What are the two major reasons you would want to become a manager or would not like to become a manager? (Explain fully by using work
    experience or personal example).
    Chapter 2: International Management and Cultural Diversity
  3. Identify and briefly describe at least five of the major challenges facing the global managerial worker. Support your answer by using additional
    source of information.
  4. Describe how cultural diversity can give a firm a competitive advantage (or help the firm be more profitable.) Use your own company as example to
    support your answer.

Sample Solution