Principles of effective instruction

Review the section entitled, 17 Principles of effective instruction on p. 19 of the reading: Rosenshine, B. (2012). Principles of instruction: Research-based strategies that all teachers should know. (

These 17 principles emerge from the educational research discussed in the article. Reflect on the extent to which you already practice these principles in your classroom (or you have seen modeled before in classrooms where you were a student). Which ones do you use and which ones do you fail to use? Why?

Which of the principles do you feel you consistently employ in your teaching practices (or if you are not currently teaching, which principles have seen regularly employed when you were a student)? Which of the principles do you think you could improve upon by including them in your teaching practices? Which ones are irregularly included in your classroom (or have you never seen modeled by a teacher)? Is the lack of their inclusion a function of time, unfamiliarity, or some other factor? ensure to include practical examples in your answer.

Sample Solution