Principles of Integrated Emergency Management processes and systems.

Scope As discussed in class, the principles of the IEM processes and systems rely in some fundamental concepts that include:

  1. Preparedness,
  2. Communications and Information Management,
  3. Resource Management
    , 4. Command and Management,
  4. Ongoing Management and Maintenance
    Project Task You have been tasked with providing an overview of the principles of Integrated Emergency Management processes and systems. As such, you are required to provide a detailed description of the principles of each of the five (5) processes illustrating how this may apply to the UAE.
    You must include Introduction, Conclusion, and References (minimum of three) on the Rabdan PPT template. Contents of the presentation must be in bullet point format. This project has unlimited word count, therefore consider the context of the question, learning outcomes and scope.
    IEM100 – Project 2 Introduction to Concepts of Integrated Emergency Management (IEM)
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    Presentation Format You MUST: • Use the Rabdan Academy PPT template provided
    • Identify each part of the question and do so in sequence
    • Use the Grading Rubric to ensure you have completed all aspects of the task
    • Submit via Moodle ONLY as a PDF
    • Avoid replicating weekly slide package material verbatim (direct copy)
    • Present in bullet point form with no more than 4 lines per bullet point
    • Include a completed Introduction slide
    • Include a completed Conclusion / Recommendations slide
    • Include a completed References slide
    • Include 3 references or more with at least one from a book or eBook
    • Use the reference format (see Referencing Format)
    • Make use of the RA Learning Resource Centre, the RA library, the eResource database
    Referencing Format When referencing please ensure you do so in the following order. Books: Authors name, Date, Title, Publisher, Page Numbers. For example: Kubicek, A, Ramudu, B, & Fish, A. (2013). Perceiving safety and risk in culturally diverse organisations. International Journal of Risk Management(15), 199-223. doi: 10.1057/rm.2013.5 World Wide Web Title, URL, Date retrieved For example: Emergency Transportation Office index.htm Date retrieved: 5 April 2019
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