Principles of Nutrition


“The Weight of the Nation” Film screening and questions For each question, a 5-7 sentence response with a topic sentence and support for your position is required. 1. What were one or two of the most significant points presented in the film, “The Weight of the Nation” and why? 2. Describe your personal food environment and genetic inheritance (chapter 6 highlight on nutritional genomics – note epigenetics) (e.g. obesity or diseases related to obesity in your family) and evaluate your level of risk. 3. When you are hungry, how does that hunger affect your food choices? What happens when you don’t have any food in the house or in your bag – what do you do? 4. How might not having access to healthy foods impact a person’s digestion in a negative way (review chapter 3)? Be specific about lifestyle factors that impact digestion. 5. How would a diet, such as seen in this piece, also negatively impact a person’s ability to think and learn? (Connect to carbohydrates chapter and the article from week 2 – the brain and the diet). 6. Besides obesity, (review chapter 18), what other risk factors do people with the high sugar, high fat, low fiber, low plant-based diet have for diet-related diseases?





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