Problem of consumer in selecting and evaluating alternatives in Decision making process

Phase 1 – Literature Review
• In phase 1, you will review at least two consumer behavior research studies related
to one of the topics discussed in the course and summarize the findings. Credible
sources such as the Journal of Consumer Behavior or the Journal of Marketing
Research should be cited.
• Your summary should outline your team’s hypotheses based on your findings, and
highlight the importance of your topic to marketing managers.
Phase 2 – Primary Research
• In phase 2, you will conduct an original consumer behaviour research study to
investigate your hypotheses from Phase 1. Your team can either replicate one of
the studies you reviewed, or build-on it.
• The findings from your study should be summarized in your report and include your
hypothesis and your methodology outlining the variables you manipulated and how
you recruited the participants.
• Your study should include at least 20 subjects.
Phase 3 – Implications
• In phase 3, you will summarize your findings from phase 1 and 2. You will discuss
the implications of your research in terms of the hypotheses you stated, and the
impact on marketing managers. Your summary should integrate any relevant
topics, theories and terminology discussed in the course.
• Charts and tables should be used to present key findings. The data collected from
your study should be included in the appendix of your report.
Literature Review (2-3 pages)
• Briefly summarize the findings from at least two consumer behaviour
studies related to your topic including the hypotheses, methodology &
• Discuss the relevance to marketing managers.
Primary Research (2-3 pages )
• Outline your research hypotheses and why you feel they are important to
marketing managers.
• Describe your research methodology including the study location, how
subjects were recruited, the variables involved and how they were
• Summarize your findings and discuss your hypotheses.
Implications (3-4 pages)
• Integrate the findings from your primary research with the findings from
your literature review and relate to the course material.
• Discuss the implications of your findings and the relevance to marketing
• Identify any research issues you feel should be investigated further.

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