Processing a Request for Release of Information

You are the ROI coordinator. During the day you face a variety of ROI situations. How should you handle the situations described next and what, if any, additional information will you need before you can make your decision? If you will need to provide copies of the health record, explain which forms (information) you would provide. Include dates if appropriate.

  1. A patient just called. The patient has an appointment at her physician’s office in one hour and wants copies of her health record to take to the office. The department has a policy that requires a 48-hour notice except in medical emergencies. The patient did not specify what health records she needs.
  2. A patient has complained that he had requested that his health records be sent to the state department of disability three times and that the department says that it has still not received them. Your records show that they have been sent twice. The patient is very upset as his request for a copy of his health record cannot be processed without these health records.
  3. A Homeland Security agent shows up and flashes a badge at you. He demands that you release a patient’s health record to him immediately as it is a matter of national security.
  4. Dr. Lawrence calls and requests a copy of the health record on Stephanie Smith. The records show that Dr. Jones was the patient’s physician. Dr. Jones and Dr. Lawrence are not partners.
  5. You receive a subpoena requesting your presence in court. You do not want to appear, so you talk to the court clerk. The subpoena specifies all charts for a patient for the period of June 2015 to January 2017. The hospital has records for the period of April 1999 to the present

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