Professional communication skills

The goal of this capstone is to help you build key professional communication skills and experience that will help you find your next job and/or advance your career. For each part, you will be preparing materials you can use to develop and showcase your business communication and customer service skills and strengths. Then, in the capstone presentation, you will share highlights of your Capstones 1- 3 and present your Capstone Parts 4 & 5.

Capstone Project Part 2 Description:

When you are preparing for a job interview, it’s a good idea to prepare answers to common interview questions, including standard questions for your profession and behavioral questions. For this capstone, you will continue preparing answers to common interview questions using the job description you chose and materials you prepared for Capstone Project Part 1. You can open the file.

For each interview question below, watch at least one of the videos, and use the strategies described to prepare your own response to the question, as if you were interviewing for the position you selected in your Capstone Project 1. Write an appropriate response or submit an effective video response for each question.
“Tell me about yourself.”

Sample Solution