Professional Presence Portfolio

After reading the application articles and Ch 3 & 4, you are asked to fill out an application of your own! Keep in mind, this ‘mock application’ will be useful to you in the future if you fill it out as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Feel free to highlight, gray out, or ‘x’ the boxes within the application. This completed ‘mock application’ can serve as a model for other apps you fill out; in other words, you won’t have to look up all that info over and over again!

Create a cover letter focused on an employer in a field that interests you. You are encouraged to review the sample cover letters in Chapter 3 as well as the samples included in the Module 4 Learning Activities folder. Your cover letter should be in a professional format and include a date, an employer’s heading, and your name heading. Use a salutation and always close your letter with a professional closing.

Sample Solution