Project constraints

Barron & Barron (2012) lists six major categories of project constraints. PART I 1. List them. 2. The following scenarios describe ongoing projects. In each project, one of the major constraints is either tightened (made more controlling) or relaxed (made less controlling). Which constraint is being either tightened or relaxed, and (more importantly) what will be the likely effect on the other five constraints? Explain your reasoning. (You may, if you like, go online and find more information about the project, but that is not necessary. Your commonsense understanding of what is involved will be satisfactory. The important thing is to explain how your understanding supports your analysis.) 2.1 Josh and Brittany are planning to paint the interior of their house, prior to putting it on the market. It is important that every room be either completely repainted, or touched up. They were planning to use a premium paint costing $30 per gallon, but after running the numbers, decided that the total bill would be too high. As a result, they are planning to use a discount paint costing $20 per gallon. 2.2 An engineering team at Honda is designing the next generation of subcompact sedan. After considerable debate, they have moved from a stamped-steel body to a carbon fiber composite body, feeling that less weight and greater strength is “the wave of the future.” There are many uncertainties involved in adapting this technology to mass production. 2.3 The design team at a fashion house has run into problems. Right in the middle of designing their Spring and Summer Collection, the lead designer died of an overdose. The remaining team members, aware of their limitations, decide to make minor changes to last year’s line, and focus their attention on accessories, such as scarves, purses, and shoes. PART II Write a short essay (two or three paragraphs) explaining the constraints you had to deal with while completing the project you described in SLP 1. SLP Assignment Expectations •Answer the above questions using short, well-constructed paragraphs. Feel free to use tables and bulleted lists, if appropriate.

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