Project; Creating a website

POST # 1 :

When creating my project I used many different resources. When I was considering software I would compare internal components specs. One website that was the most useful was “”. That website is so great because it is a computer retail shop and have tons of different computer parts with detailed specs. Bonus to all that the website also has a power supply calculator so you get the right one to support the power your computer needs. The most interesting topic for me was talking about networks. I find networks very interesting and it crazy that if one thing fails the whole network can be affected. The one thing I don’t understand is why would someone use a bridge over switchers. To me, the switcher would always be useful no matter the network set up so I don’t see the point of the bridge. I know the bridge just sends the data through the network and the switcher would check the data before sending it. Maybe I’m overthinking it but to me, the switcher would always be better for a network.

POST # 2 :

When making decisions on hardware, I first had to determine what every employee needed and how that hardware would be used. Positions like Graphics Designers and Creative Directors needed to have systems that could handle intensive graphical work such as video editing and rendering. Other positions, like accounting and sales, didn’t need as much graphical processing, so determining a system that would work best for them had different areas that needed to be emphasized. The best tool for figuring out what hardware and software needs would work best for each employee was Google. Just reading reviews from Graphic Designers and Accountants about what they preferred to use in their profession helped to set a baseline for what I should design their systems around. This was also a great resource for finding out what each employee would need their PC to do. The only trouble with information that I had was finding out how certain software applications worked. Looking into different KMS and process management applications can be difficult to find much information on. The web pages for the software would usually claim that their software could do a large list of operations, but they rarely stated how the software needed to be set up or listed the full functionalities that were included. There are also very few reviews on business-oriented software, so trying to find any information on them was tough unless you contacted a representative directly. In the future, that may be the first place to check for more information on a program.

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