Project dissertation on sawtooth blockchain in hyperledger

project with 12000 – 18000 words report on sawtooth blockchain using hyperledger pattern

project using sawtooth blockchain architecture on hyper ledger pattern

please follow the documentation using

any project using this technology and follow the documetation which uploaded and guidelines

the Dissertation should be between 12,000 and 18,000 words excluding Appendices. As the largest single piece of writing you may have ever done, you will need considerable time after you have completed the project work itself, to write your Dissertation (see Module Guidelines under Syllabus page) .

A typical structure for the Dissertation is as follows, more details can be found in Module Guidelines (under Syllabus page):

Title Page (see format in the Appendix section of the Module Guidelines (under Syllabus page))
Content page
List of figures and/or tables
Glossary of Terms
Introduction (Background and Motivation, Problem to be solved, Aims and Objectives, Summary of Thesis Contributions and dissertation report Outline)
Literature Review (Full Literature Review)
Contribution Chapters (Existence, Suitability & Justification of Artifact, Design, Implementation and Evaluation)
Conclusion (Summary of Work, Reflection, Future work)
References (Please use either the Harvard or Vancouver (numerical) styles.). Ensure that all sources are properly cited and at the appropriate point in the main text of the dissertation.

Sample Solution