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In the following situation what are the procedures to follow? Include penalties, position changes, rules or etiquette to follow. Answer both if the ball would be hit from the situation or moved out of the situation. Answer as if you are in stroke play. Extra credit if you know the answer if you are in match play.
(1-20) Free response; use complete sentences.

  1. When you discover you have hit the wrong ball? __
  2. Player A’s ball lies on the putting green. While waiting for fellow competitors to shoot onto the green, A drops a ball on the apron of the green and takes a practice putt. __
  3. Intend to hit ball and you miss. __
  4. With the ball teed outside the teeing ground, B hits a drive 200 yards down the middle of the fairway. __
  5. A’s ball is partially buried in the sand of a bunker. After following the rule of announcing the intention to lift the ball, A marks the ball and lifts the ball for identification. __
  6. Your ball stops under a rake on the edge of a greenside bunker. __
  7. B’s ball lies on the putting green. Before putting B brushes away sand in the line of the putt. __
  8. Your ball has landed on a cart path. __
  9. B’s ball lies off the putting green. B strokes the ball, and the ball hits the flag stick. __
  10. A has the honor, but B tees off first. __
  11. Player A takes two practice swings in a bunker without touching the sand; however Player A touches a mound of grass with the club head. __
  12. B plays an approach shot to the green out of turn. __
  13. On the fairway player A pulls out a dandelion that interferes with his back swing. __
  14. An out-of-bounds stake interferes with B’s back swing. B removes the stake. __
  15. Before walking into a bunker to play a shot, player A takes a practice swing and hits a twig into the bunker and it lands behind the ball. A picks up the twig and removes it from behind the ball. __
  16. B hits the ball into a hillside. Upon addressing the ball his club head touches the ball and it begins to roll 5 feet down the hill. __
  17. B hits a tee shot out of bounds. __
  18. In chipping onto the green your ball hits the flag stick and then bounces into another ball knocking that ball off the green. Your ball comes to rest on the green. __
  19. How do you decide which player on the first tee has the honor? __
  20. How do you decide which player on the first tee has the honor? __

For following give the score if you are playing stroke play.

Score Computations (21-25)

  1. On a par-3 hole with a lake in front, player A hits the first shot into the water. A tees up the second shot and it lands in a bunker beyond the hole. A’s next shot lands on the green and A takes two putts. On walking to the next hole A discovers he has played the wrong ball. He goes back to the hazard and plays the correct ball hitting his bunker shot on the green. He takes 2 more putts to get the ball in the whole. __
  2. B hits her tee shot out of bounds. She tees up again and the next shot is hit into water in front of the tee box. Teeing up again the next shot lands on the fairway next to a sprinkler head. She takes a drop away from the sprinkler head and strokes the ball onto the green where she three putts. __
  3. Player A hits his tee shot into a lateral water hazard. He elects to drop the ball where the ball crossed the margin of the hazard. The next shot lands in ground under repair and he moves the ball to a point of relief and takes a drop. The next shot lands on the green where it hits the flag stick. While putting his ball hits the flag stick. He takes one more putt to get the ball holed out. __
  4. A’s second shot lies in a near-perfect position on the fairway. He takes a practice swing and accidentally touches and moves the ball into a divot hole. He picks up the ball, wipes a spot of mud from it, and replaces it to the original good lie. He chips onto the green and takes one putt. __
  5. On a par 3 hole across a canyon, player A hits her ball into the canyon. She drops the ball in the drop zone across the canyon near the green. She then whiffs her next shot. Her next shot lands on the green hitting a flag stick and bouncing off hits player B’s ball knocking it a few inches. Player A’s ball rolls into the hole after hitting player B’s ball. __

For the following indicate if sentence is true or false. (26-30)

  1. The penalty for an unplayable lie is two strokes. (T/F)
  2. There is no penalty for relief from cart path. (T/F)
  3. You have 5 minutes to look for a lost ball. (T/F)
  4. If your ball lands on a different green than the one you are playing you are allowed to move the ball off the green without penalty. (T/F)
  5. You are charged a one stroke penalty if your ball accidentally moves while in the teeing ground. (T/F)

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