Project Management

Perform the exercises below.
You may use a project management software, spreadsheet, or table to document the project plan.
List any assumptions, constraints, and/or basis used to develop the project plan
Information can be real-world or made-up. For example, a made-up or real-world labor cost.
1) Select one of the projects below:
a. Implementing self-checkout kiosks at the college’s bookstore
b. Developing a new game that you will sell to a large gaming company
c. Forming and opening a startup company
d. Creating a new project management software
e. Build a mobile app to address a problem or an opportunity
2) Use the selected project to perform following exercises:
a. Apply the three-sphere model for system management to list five organizational, five business, and five
technology issues to be addressed during the project.
b. Create a Project Plan with a Waterfall or Agile-Scrum (with Sprints) lifecycle to include Work Breakdown
Structure (WBS), Schedule, Resource and Cost Estimates, and Quality Control activities. Document the
assumptions and basis you made in preparing the project plan.
c. Discuss the process(es) you would use to measure project performance using the baselines.
d. Discuss two processes, techniques, or tools you will use to manage each of the following resources,
communication, and risks on the project. Implement the processes, techniques, or tools discussed for each of
the knowledge areas.

Sample Solution