Project management

  1. At a strategic level, how can (either) program management practices or project portfolio management processes be applied to navigate complexity?
    2.What challenges do you see between the planning and managing of the program and the projects within that program? What insights can you offer to best manage these?
  2. Given the attached list of projects and constraints( in the first post on the thread), prioritize these identified components. Your post should detail out the process used to prioritize the projects and clarify which ones are included and which ones are not. The final result is a balanced portfolio ready for
    authorization. Include a brief recap of how the process worked and your level of confidence with the results.
    identify (at least) two critical success factors for implementing program and portfolio management (at minimum, one per each discipline). Explain why the critical success factor is important and what the impacts are if it is not integrated.
    5.consider the ongoing maintenance of program and project portfolio management. What do you see as the biggest challenges in keeping these relevant and valuable within the organization? Explain at least 2 challenges, their root causes and impacts .

Sample Solution