Project Management

Part 1: Report Outline and Source Analysis
This task focuses on developing a suitable outline for your written project (i.e. a report structure) and on finding, analysing, and paraphrasing academic sources for your report.
Please complete all exercises below and submit the completed task for feedback via Turnitin on the VLE. Your submission title must be:

E.g.: ‘P102648’

  1. Creating report outline
    In Formative Task 1, you chose a project topic and key research questions which you want to address in your Extended Project. This task will help you with the organisation of your written report. Think about the main goals and aims of your project before you begin to structure your report:
  2. What is the working title of your extended project?
  3. What is the overall aim/purpose of your extended project?
  4. At this stage, what is your thesis statement (opinion/argument/viewpoint) likely to be? (What is the answer to the overall question you are trying to answer?)

Now, outline how you will break your report into sections in the table below. Clearly outline the objectives and questions that should be answered within each of them, how the information presented in each section relates to the research topic of your project and what sources you currently have for each section.
You can add extra rows in the table below to suit your own report outline.
Section What questions are you trying to answer in this section? How does this section help to answer your overall research question? What sources do you currently have for this section? You need to provide evidence of at least 4 sources with an accurate in-text citation.

  1. Main body intro
    2.1. 1st sub-section
    2.2. 2nd sub-section
    2.3. 3rd sub-section
  2. Conclusion
  3. Reference List A final reference list provides a list of full references of all the sources that I’ve used in my report.
  4. Sources
    2.1. List of four academic sources for your written project
    Full reference Which section of your report will this source help you with? You can use your ‘structure’ section to explain this in more detail

2.2. Analysis of one academic source

From the sources you have identified for your project, select one which you think is particularly relevant for your report. Analyse this source thoroughly and make notes about it in the table below.
What kind of source is this?
What is the name of the text?
Who (or which organisation) produced this source?
When was this published?

Sample Solution