Project Management

Your boss has come to you with a special project idea and wants your input.

She wants to create a project that will help build team morale and challenge each team member to be their best.
She is using the idea of a Book Club as the model for the project. She thinks if the entire department all read the same book and then had discussions or better yet, some structured activities that this could really help achieve her goals for the department.
She heard about, “The Alchemist” and “Who Moved My Cheese” in Oprah’s Book Club and would like to use one of these books for the team.

She has asked you to read and review the books for their potential and to think through several questions:

-What are the 2-3 key lessons in each book that are relevant to the team building/ challenge goals?
-Which book do you recommend and why?
-What are some ideas for structured activities the team can do to focus on the lessons using the book you chose?

Assignment: Draft the body/ message of an email, giving feedback to your boss on using “The Alchemist” or “Who Moved My Cheese” for her special project.

You know your boss does not like long emails.
She is a stickler for good, concise communication, so be sure to format the body of the email in an easy to read style.
You also know she wants you to support your thoughts/ arguments with examples or solid, clear rationale.

Sample Solution