Read and answer the following questions in a short essay.

Charlie looked across his desk at Kelvin, who was absorbed in the sheaf of handwritten
notes from the meeting. Charlie had asked Kelvin to come to his office and discuss the
change control meeting from earlier that day.
“So what do you think?” Charlie asked.
“I think I was blindsided by a bus!” Kelvin replied. “I thought I had considered all the possible
effects of the change in my project plan. I tried to explain this, but everyone acted as if I had
threatened their lives.”
“In a way you did, or rather you threatened their jobs,” Charlie stated. “Some people believe
that change is the enemy.”
“But these changes are important.”
“I agree,” Charlie said. “But successful change usually occurs in small steps. What’s your
top priority?”
“All the items on this list are top priorities,” Kelvin said. “I haven’t even gotten to the second
“So what should you do to accomplish these top priorities?” Charlie asked.
“I guess I should reprioritize within my top tier, but what then?”
“The next step is to build support before the meeting, not during it,” Charlie said, smiling.
“Never go into a meeting where you haven’t done your homework, especially when other
people in the meeting can reduce your chance of success.”

What project management tasks should Kelvin perform before his next meeting?
What change management tasks should Kelvin perform before his next meeting, and how do these tasks fit within the project management process?
Had you been in Kelvin’s place, what would you have done differently to prepare for this meeting?



Sample Answer

Sample Answer


Project Management and Change Management Strategies for Kelvin

Project Management Tasks for Kelvin:

Before his next meeting, Kelvin should perform the following project management tasks:

1. Reprioritize Tasks: Kelvin needs to reassess and reprioritize the items on his list, focusing on the most critical tasks that align with the project’s objectives.
2. Create a Revised Project Plan: Develop a revised project plan that reflects the updated priorities and timelines for implementation.
3. Communicate Changes: Inform stakeholders and team members about the revised priorities and seek their input and feedback.
4. Update Documentation: Ensure that all project documentation, including plans and schedules, are updated to reflect the changes.

Change Management Tasks for Kelvin:

In terms of change management, Kelvin should undertake the following tasks before his next meeting:

1. Build Support: Engage with key stakeholders and team members before the meeting to gain their buy-in and support for the proposed changes.
2. Identify Concerns: Anticipate potential resistance or concerns from stakeholders and develop strategies to address them proactively.
3. Develop a Communication Plan: Create a communication plan to effectively convey the rationale behind the changes and their potential benefits to all involved parties.
4. Training and Support: Provide any necessary training or support to team members to ensure a smooth transition during the implementation of changes.

Integration of Change Management with Project Management:

Change management tasks are essential elements of project management processes as they focus on managing the human aspects of change within the project. By aligning change management tasks with project management activities, Kelvin can enhance project success by ensuring that stakeholders are engaged, supportive, and prepared for the proposed changes.

Personal Approach in Kelvin’s Situation:

If I were in Kelvin’s place, I would have taken the following steps to better prepare for the meeting:

1. Engage Stakeholders Early: I would have involved key stakeholders in the planning process from the beginning to gather their input and address any concerns before they become obstacles.
2. Develop a Detailed Change Management Plan: I would have created a comprehensive change management plan outlining communication strategies, training needs, and risk mitigation techniques to address potential challenges.
3. Seek Mentorship: I might have sought guidance from experienced project managers or change management professionals to gain insights into handling complex change control situations effectively.

By taking a proactive approach to project and change management, Kelvin can navigate future meetings more successfully and ensure that his projects progress smoothly towards their objectives.

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