Assume you are a senior executive with Airbus and that the company has decided to design and build a passenger aircraft which can travel at supersonic* speed. The aircraft is codenamed A2400 as its top speed is expected to be 2,400 km/h.
The company has just completed the building of a state of the art, dedicated assembly plant in Toulouse, France, and the first aircraft is expected to be available for commercial use in 5 years. Several factories across Europe will be involved in manufacturing components for the aircraft.
You have been appointed by Airbus as the Sponsor of the A2400 project from the commencement of the assembly at the new assembly plant until the first commercial flight.
* Supersonic – a rate of travel greater than the speed of sound (768 mph or 1,237 km/h)

An individually produced professional report to cover the following:
One of your first tasks as the Project Sponsor is to host a meeting with a number of senior representatives from major international airlines. The purpose of this meeting is to brief them on the A2400 with a view to generating potential orders for the aircraft.
To enable those airline representatives to gain a good understanding of the scope of the project discuss ten relevant points which you would include in your presentation.

Before commencing the project it would be necessary to carry out a Risk Assessment.

(a) Specify five risks.
(b) For each risk outline what action you would take to minimize the risk.
(c) Outline the contingency plan you would have for each risk.

Specify what you would consider to be ten key milestones within the project.

Overall structure and clarity of the report
Conclusion and Recommendations

Assignment length, 3,000 words (maximum 3,200).

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