Project Planning

Planning the project is your crucial first step in the successful development of a system. One reality of project planning, however, is that all projects have risks—no matter how well they are planned or how skilled and dedicated the development team might be. When projects fail, they can do so for a variety of reasons. Part of your role as a systems analyst is to identify those risks and then take steps to plan for and mitigate that risk to your project.

In this Discussion, you examine why projects might get into trouble and consider the most effective way to deal with the potential for project failure.

For this Discussion, use the Internet, library, or your place of business to identify an IT project. In your post, briefly describe the project and then consider the following:

In your opinion, what is the most significant risk that could lead to the failure of this project? Why?
If you were working on this project, how would you determine its risks?
What project management practice, tool, or technique would be the most effective in mitigating that risk? Explain.

Sample Solution