Quick homes Ltd, a housing developer is bringing forward proposals for a new community park and
upto 250 family homes on land off Seaton Street in Huddersfield. The new community park will
encourage wildlife to settle in the area and provide a pleasant setting for walking and recreation. In
addition, there will be a children’s play area, pedestrian walk ways and a recreation centre built
predominantly to the benefit of the new families moving into the newly built homes. It is anticipated
that the work on the new community park will commence first before the first phase of houses. The
overall project is scheduled to start work at site on 1st January 2018 with the first phase of housing
(100 units of 3 and 4 bedroom properties) to be completed on time for Christmas with the official
deadline being 1st of December 2018. Due to the 11-month construction period of the project, it is
anticipated to use offsite manufacturing techniques to ensure timely completion. You are required
to write a report where you;
I. Identify the relevant stakeholders within the context of the above project both at the preconstruction
and construction stages and discuss their success measures and how best
outcomes are implemented. (Learning outcomes A and B) – 15 marks
II. Discuss how risk and value is managed within the project due to the use of offsite
manufacturing techniques [you may discuss effective and efficient management of time,
cost, quality as well as resources such as human / financial etc.,] (Learning outcomes C
and D) – 30 marks
Task 2: (Total 45 Marks) – Learning outcomes E and F
a) Draw the Activity on Node logic network of the schedule shown below (2 points):
Activity Predecessor Duration
A – 2
B A 6
C A 10
D A 4
E B 7
F B,C 5
G C,D 3
H E,F 5
I G,H 2
b) Perform a forward pass and calculate the Early Start (ES) and Early Finish (EF) for each
activity and show on the nodes (4 points)
c) Perform a backward pass and calculate the Late Start (LS) and Late Finish (LF) for each
activity and show on the nodes (4 points)
d) Calculate the Total Float for each activity and write on the nodes (4 points)
e) Identify and show the Critical Path (4 points)
f) Show the schedule on a Gantt Chart similar to the below (5 points):
Tip 1: Nodes can be easily created using Ms Word’s tables (see below)
Tip 2: It is recommended to use MS Excel or equivalent to create a Gantt Chart quickly
The grading for the assessment F (Line of Balance) will be guided by the following grading guide:
There is a project of building 5 identical houses. On each house, 4 work units (items) should be
made, each by a specialized team of workers in this order (1 month = 4 weeks):
1) Foundations (team A): Can complete 5 houses in 5 months, (first activity to start)
2) Brickwork (team B): Can complete 5 houses in 10 months,
3) Roof construction (team C): Can complete 5 houses in 2.5 months,
4) Internal works (team D): Can complete 5 houses in 5 months
• Plot a LoB chart. Follower team can start working on a given unit immediately after the
predecessor team finished. (4 points).
• Calculate the total project time in months (2 points).
• State which team(s) have to have idle time (2 points).
• Discuss what to do to eliminate the idle time of some teams (4 points)
• Discuss why using LoB is more suitable than CPM in this project (10 points)
Tip: Create a chart similar to the below to plot the LoB on MS Excel or equivalent:
The overall submission will be assessed based on the following criteria where applicable:
• Demonstrate up to date knowledge of project management in construction
• Evidence of knowledge and understanding of the range of techniques used in project
planning and control techniques and risk, value management.
• Clarity and professionalism of content, style, visuals and communication skills, are
consistently demonstrated in verbal and written work. Sources must be referenced according
to the University’s preferred choice of referencing system.




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