Project;Attestation Engagements

Based on your research, your report should provide the following:

A. What is the nature of the subject matter in which you are interested? This should involve no more than one-page maximum and may include an illustration as an appendix to your report, if appropriate.

B. What are the key considerations involved in accepting this kind of engagement provided by the appropriate attestation engagement standards? Do not repeat the standards – rather highlight the key considerations. This should involve no more than 1 to 1.5 pages.

C. Highlight the specific factors your report of such an engagement should address. In particular, specify whether there are specific “do’s and “don’ts” that you should consider in such a report. You do not need to draft a report but you may include a sample report as an appendix if provided in the standards.

D. Highlight any legal liability concerns you should consider based on our coverage of the topic.

Sample Solution