Promotions Project: Creative Development Questionnaire

Create a Word document by completing this Promotions Project: Creative Development Questionnaire Assignment. You must fully articulate and explicate each question/section. If you find a question or a part of a question not applicable, please provide a detailed explanation. Your grade for this Promotions Project: Creative Development Questionnaire Assignment is based solely upon the creativity and attention to the details involved in each section. There is no minimum page count for this Promotions Project: Creative Development Questionnaire Assignment, this is a creative assignment. Therefore, be creative and think “out-of-the-box.”

  1. Creative Brief
    1.1 Who’s your product? (the nature of your product, the interesting aspects of your product)
    1.2 Why, your product? (wants or needs on which to base an appeal for your product, which can be either rational appeals (functional needs and wants) or emotional appeals (target psychological, social, or symbolic needs)
    1.3 Describe or develop the emotional and rational aspects of your product.
    1.4 What’s your product about? (product features, claims, or how is it positioned in the marketplace)
    1.5 What else about your product? (related ideas/concepts of your target market that need to be addressed, in terms of all of the demand shifters)
    1.6 Where is your product needed/demanded? (area of the country)
    1.7 When is it needed/demanded (time of year, time in life)
    1.8 How’s it used? (style, tone, approach)
    1.9 Does the average consumer (target market) have specific wants/needs/demands your ad/promotion should address? Think rational and emotional (see Table attached in Module/Week 5’s Reading & Study folder).
  2. How the benefits are presented in your new advertisement/promotion
    2.1 Objective statement: what advertising/promotion problem/opportunity/weakness/threat do you expect to accomplish?
    2.2 Support statement: What is your big idea?
    2.3 Support statement part two: What evidence from your research agenda substantiates your big idea? Only include the key points, but be specific.
    2.4 Support statement part three: describe each demand shifter (factor) and how it helped you develop your big idea. NOTE: you must address each factor, if a factor didn’t affect your thinking/decision, please elaborate.
    2.5 Tone statement (are short-term emotional descriptions): What is your tone statement?
    2.6 Brand statements (brand character statements are long-term descriptions of the enduring values of the brand). What is your brand statement?
  3. Your Advertisement/Promotion Message Strategy
    The message strategy (or rationale) is a simple description and explanation of an ad campaign’s overall creative approach—what the advertising/promotion says, how it says it, and why.
    3.1 Describe the overall creative approach you are trying to accomplish in your ad/promotion.
    3.2 What do you want your advertisement/promotion to say? In this section, be specific, we are looking for details, this is where you discuss the import of your big idea and it’s connection to your advertisement/promotion, provide context and rationale.
    3.3 Nonverbal—overall nature of the ad’s graphics/theme/visual appeal/characters etc.
    3.4 Technical—Execution approach, choose the most powerful IMC Promotional Mix component to advertise/promote your product and provide the necessary details. Don’t forget to be creative in this section.

Sample Solution