1. Create a positive propaganda poster campaigning for AmEx for future and prospective students to see.
    -Your poster MUST include the words: supercilious, prodigality, and zealous
    -2 literary/rhetorical devices which one must be tautology OR chiasmus
    -the rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos)
    -a rhetorical situation
    -a propaganda technique(you CANNOT use name-calling, this is a POSITIVE poster)
    Along with this poster, you must submit at least a half-page typed analysis of your choices as the propagandist, by writing about the following items:
    -identify the propaganda technique(s), vocab words, and literary/rhetorical devices used
    -Analyze your use of rhetoric by identifying the rhetorical situation and appeals
    -Cite your analysis with evidence from your poster detailing how your choices created a positive and effective piece of propaganda

Sample Solution