Proposal project

Incorporate the feedback from your instructor to pull all the components that you have written into one cohesive and comprehensive final proposal. Complete the proposal project utilizing the evidence-based program and theoretical treatment models you identified through the research.
Write a 1,500-2,000-word program proposal. Include the following in your final proposal:

Cover Page
Theoretical support, applicable models, impact of change
Cognitive, emotional, spiritual, motivational or skill-building methods, resources, and interventions that provide change for program participants
Proposed methods, interventions, programs and services intended to produce change
Risk and protective factors for treatment interventions and activities
Cultural and ethical considerations
Reference page with a minimum of eight reference.

• Length: Roughly 3-5 pages (900-1500 words)
• Font: 12 point standard font
• Spacing: Double
• Margins: One inch on top, bottom, and sides.
• Citations: At least five reputable outside sources; at least three sources must come from books or academic journals
• You will lose 3 points for each citation you fail to include in text and in your bibliography.
• Citations should be done in APSA style with internal citations and a bibliography.

An Additional Note on Citation

This assignment requires you to cite five outside readings using correct citation format. These readings may not be course lectures. They may, however, be assigned readings for the course. May also use information from the film iron jawed angels

Citations should be parenthetical and follow the APSA citation format.

You must provide page-specific citations if you use direct quotations, paraphrase ideas, or want to demonstrate that other scholars have reached similar conclusions.

Sample Solution