Psychiatric nurse practitioner

Julian Daniels is a 71-year-old partnered biracial male who comes to the emergency room with confusion and mild agitation. Ryan, his partner, states that he hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days with flu-like symptoms and a cough. He had seen his primary care provider a day earlier and she had given him an antibiotic for what she suspected was pneumonia. Ryan says Julian seemed disoriented around dinnertime and more forgetful than normal. The ER Attending asks you to evaluate Julian.
Answer the following questions from your perspective as Julian’s psychiatric nurse practitioner, in a paper no longer than two double-spaced pages (not including the reference page), in APA format.
Identify one screening tool you could use when evaluating Julian and describe why you would use this tool.
What additional clinical information would be needed to make a diagnosis relative to the neurocognitive symptoms presentation?
What interviewing techniques would be best to use with Julian?
Identify a pharmacologic evidence-based intervention that could be used to treat the presentation of current symptoms.
Identify what type of psychotherapy would be helpful for Julian. Is psychotherapy an option for patients with neurocognitive symptoms? Provide a rationale.
Identify what lab work you would order for Julian. Provide evidence to support your rationale.
Is Julian in need of hospital stabilization? If so, what steps would you take to seek hospitalization? Would you involve his family? Why or why not?

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