Psychological Health

What is psychological health? How is it defined in the negative term? How is it defined in positive terms?
Who is Abraham Maslow? What does his theory about self-actualization entail? What the characteristics of a self-actualized individual? What examples of self-actualized people do we have today and be able to explain why they may be considered self-actualized.
What are Eric Erickson;s Stages of Personality and Psychological Development? What does it mean to have an integrated and stable self-concept?
What are cognitive distortions? What are examples of each cognitive distortion?
What is a defense mechanisms? What are examples of each defense mechanism?
There are many categories of Psychological Disorders (i.e. Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, etc.). Name each Psychological Disorder category and list their basic characteristics inclusive of treatment.
What are the four models of Therapeutic Change? What are their Views of Human Nature regarding psychological disorders?

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