Psychology Journal article

Choose one journal from a scholarly or academic journal that has to do with gender, culture or both. The
research article chosen for this assignment must be from a professional journal and not from a website or news
site. You will then write both an abstract and critique. The abstract and critique of this article must be typed,
double-spaced, and written in American Psychological Association (APA) style.
A copy of the article must be attached.
It is necessary to have a complete citation which conforms to the APA style. Per APA style, an abstract is to be
(a) accurate, (b) self-contained, (c) concise and specific, (d) nonevaluative, and (e) coherent and readable
(American Psychological Association, 2001). The abstract for a report of an empirical study should range
between 100 to 120 words. It should include:
the problem being investigated;
the subjects (e.g., number, type, age, sex);
the experimental method;
the findings, including significance levels; and
the conclusions, including implications or applications.
The abstract for a theoretical article should range between 75 to 100 words. It should include:
the topic;
the article’s purpose, thesis, or organizing construct and its scope;
the sources; and
the conclusions.

Sample Solution