Read a book about a life- fictional or real. It can be a biography, an autobiography or a novel that focuses on the life of an individual

Write an essay that : 1.identifies the unusual or distinctive aspects of the individual’s life ; 2. Explains why the person lived the life he or she lived. Use six concepts from your textbook to help you explain why this person’s life unfolded as it did, and how this person became the person he or she was.. Fully explain each concept and then explain how it helps us understand the individual. One of the concepts must be from the list below. The other 5 are yours to choose. Also, you must use one outside source that provides a deeper understanding of one of your psychological concepts and helps you provide greater depth in your discussion. The paper should be about 4 typed pages Here are the required concepts. Choose 1 cohort effect history-graded influence age-graded influence sociocultural-graded influence non-normative life event critical or sensitive period genetic-environment interaction microsystem macrosystem




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