a. First, assume that you are a social worker employed within an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at the TV station where Haley works. Using an enthusiastically biological/medical model approach, describe what Haley is going through in psychiatric terms. Interpret any deviant behaviors or thoughts as symptoms of mental illness. You will obviously be referring her to a psychiatrist, so what symptoms will you report, and what diagnosis (or diagnoses) will you list on the referral form? What is the presumed cause of her distress?

b. Now, write a second description of Haley’s experiences. In this description, do not use psychiatric or medical model language, nor any psychiatric diagnoses. Interpret her thoughts and behaviors using other perspectives of your choosing. Pretend you are explaining Haley’s problems and experiences to an intelligent person who simply will not accept a medical model-based explanation. The goal here is expressly not to simply use non-psychiatric synonyms to re-state what you wrote above, but to look at her problem from an entirely different perspective (or perspectives). To enhance your critical and creative thinking, I do not list suggestions here. Make sure you include the presumed cause of her distress in your formulation.

c. These two descriptions are artificially dichotomized (it’s never this simple). However, when you compare and contrast the two descriptions, what issues are illuminated for you?

Sample Solution