Psychotic Disorders

Like most individuals with schizophrenia, Alicia is extremely sensitive to her environment. When stressed, she often runs the risk that her symptoms will worsen. In the course of living in usual ways, everyone experiences stress related to conducting day-to-day activities. Alicia’s nurse at the mental health clinic has been preparing her to cope with working at a local store. Specific environmental features, such as noise and visual distractions, are particularly difficult for Alicia to deal with.

Considering the vignette above, please answer the following questions:

  1. Why do mental health care providers advocate that people with schizophrenia interact with the larger community in treatment programs, jobs, and living in the community? 2. Would people with schizophrenia be better off in protected environments such as semi-structured group homes or structured and sheltered workshops? 3. How would you help Alicia deal with noise and visual distractions? 4. How do most working people create an environment that suits their strengths and weaknesses? Can these methods be useful for Alicia? Please respond to two other students.





Sample Solution