Public Administration: Case Study

1.Case study focusing on an issue in your community
(10 pages, approved by the instructor)
For example, in New Paltz, NY, the Mohonk Preserve has presented plans to the Town of New Paltz for a
significant development initiative on recreational land owned by the Preserve and its affiliated entity the Open
Space Institute (OSI). The Preserve and OSI have submitted a proposal to the Town of New Paltz to develop a
site that has heretofore been undeveloped, yet open for use by members of the local community.
The Preserve and OSI are tax exempt entities and have historically been responsible stewards of thousands of
acres of land in Ulster County, NY, a large, mostly rural county situated halfway between New York City and
The Preserve and OSI are seeking an exemption from an environmental impact study, which is typically
required by the the state level Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Citizen organized interest
groups opposed to the development are demanding a full environmental impact study. “An Environmental
Impact Statement (EIS) is a document prepared to describe the effects for proposed activities on the
environment. “Environment,” in this case, is defined as the natural and physical environment and the
relationship of people with that environment.”
In addition, “Federal laws and regulations require the federal government to evaluate the effects of its actions
on the environment and to consider alternative courses of action. The National Environmental Policy Act of
1969 (NEPA) specifies when an environmental impact statement (EIS) must be prepared. NEPA regulations
require, among other things, federal agencies to include discussion of a proposed action and the range of
reasonable alternatives in an EIS. Sufficient information must be included in the EIS for reviewers to evaluate
the relative merits of each alternative. Council for Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations provide the
recommended format and content of Environmental Impact Statements.”

  1. Case study focusing on a social program or agency.
    This track is meant to permit research on a program or agency you may have a personal or professional
    interest in studying.
    For example, parents with a child diagnosed with autism may wish to examine the federal and state programs
    that address social or educational services for afflicted children.
    Persons interested in gun violence, criminal justice, environmental issues, child protective services, substance
    abuse treatment programs, public higher education, immigration, and public housing are general areas that
    may be explored in a research project.
    Specific programs, policies or laws may also be selected for study: Common Core, Obamacare, The Safe Act,
    Hydrofrackling Policy, American Disabilities Act may serve as the focus of research and writing. Practically any
    public policy issue that depicts the relationships between the federal government and state and local
    government is likely to be approved.

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