Public Health


Write a 2 page, single-spaced personal health narrative describing your personal experience with the topic of health or illness and then connect your experience to at least one social issue of your choice.

A personal narrative story is written from an author’s point of view, and it may contain personal information, anecdotes, and experiences, as well as make a larger point about social issues. Therefore, your narrative essay should include: (1) a description of a health or illness experience in your life or within your family history; (2) a discussion of how the experience might have been shaped by your or your family’s social circumstances at the time (here, you must define and discuss at least one social issue); and (3) the significance or relevance of this experience for you/your family. When concluding, (4) briefly discuss the types of resources or interventions you/your family might have needed to have better health or illness experience (if any).

Sample Solution