Public health

Consider the different types of beliefs about health you may hold or that you have heard of in your family. Then go on to consider whether you have encountered ideas elsewhere about the nature of health, and of good health, which are different from yours or your family’s. Think about where you encountered these, from whom, in what context. Any clues as to why those ideas might be different?

Reflect on Western ideas about these aspects of the body, as expressed in Western medicine and health care. Have you encountered health beliefs that are culturally different from yours? Or that might have been different (you may not have recognised that at the time).

Again, note these in your blog. Consider how those beliefs may affect the promotion of health worldwide. In particular, consider whether the worldwide pursuit of health depends, for its success, on an agreed meaning of health. If there is real variation around the meaning of health between individuals and communities, is public health a viable activity?

Consider the definition of ‘health’ on page one. What do you think ‘health as a resource’ means in practical terms

The WHO glossary also talks about health as a human right. What do you think that means? Share your thoughts

what your thoughts are on the right to health, the right to healthcare, and the duties that implies.





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