Public policy

Choose any Public policy to write about


Description: Building upon the problem identification paper and subsequent weekly memos, this 3-5 page paper will detail potential allies (and adversaries) within government, existing public support for your position, and strategies to persuade policymakers, including a timeline for policy change.Political Strategy Papers are worth fifteen percent of your grade, equivalent to fifteen points.

The criteria we will use to assess your papers follows:

  1. Building on your problem identification paper, what policy change strategy will you pursue (Is it pushing for a new law or regulation or enforcing existing ones?)
  2. Who are your specific targets within government? Are you pursuing a federal, state, or local strategy? And is your advocacy focused on lawmakers, executive agencies, and/ or the courts?
  3. Where does your issue position on the problem you identified lie on the political spectrum, and what messaging you will use to persuade your political opponents?
  4. What is public opinion with respect to your issue position? How can you use it to your advantage?
  5. What is your timeline for policy change? Pay particular attention to annual calendars and also current political dynamics (i.e., the partisan composition of targeted government bodies)

Sample Solution