Puerto Rico Research Paper

Complete your Puerto Rico research paper. You will add a minimum of two additional pages to the first half of the paper. The final research paper should contain the following:

Step 1: Make any needed revisions to the first part of the paper if needed and use this as the first half of your paper. (First two pages have been attached below)
Step 2: Add at least two additional pages of content about solutions to address the problems you presented in the first two pages of the paper. You must include at least two different solutions. Make sure to include both source material and your own analysis regarding the solutions. Additionally, discuss the following topics in your paper:
Analyze sustainability as an approach to addressing social problems in Puerto Rico. Do you think this would help alleviate social problems?
Discuss if you support or do not support statehood for Puerto Rico. Discuss how that would or would not be a positive step in helping to fix the urban problem(s) you presented.
In this final draft, include the sources from your first draft and at least one additional source.. All sources used, including the two guides, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations.

Sample Solution