Puritan Primary Source Analysis

To complete a Primary Source Analysis, answer the following questions for just that one source: Source 3: “Letter of Samuel Mather (Age 12) to His Father (ca. 1638)” Source 4: “Massachusetts Court Records” Source 6: “Cotton Mather on Young Children (1690)” Source 7: “An Arrow Against Profane and Promiscuous Dancing (1690)” Source 9: “The Well-Ordered Family (1712)” Source 10: “The Duty of Children Toward Their Parents (1727)” Who wrote or created the document? Who is the intended audience? When was the document created? What was going on during this period (historical context)? Summarize in one clear sentence the main idea of the document. Give specific examples from the document that support your answer for question 3. What is the purpose of this document? What details lead you to this conclusion? Is there a bias? What is the historical significance of this document? How does it relate or connect to issues we deal with in today’s society?








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