Qualitative research on a food-related issue

Compile first-hand, qualitative research on a food-related issue that you might have explored in your group to write a problem/solution paper on that issue OR to collect and write an Oral History project that seeks to preserve food culture/history/identities.

Qualitative research aims to get a better understanding through first-hand experience, truthful reporting, and quotations of actual conversations. It aims to understand how the participants derive meaning from their surroundings, and how their meaning influences their behavior.

Qualitative research uses observation as the data collection method. Observation is the selection and recording of behaviors of people in their environment. Observation is useful for generating in-depth descriptions of organizations or events, for obtaining information that is otherwise inaccessible, and for conducting research when other methods are inadequate.

Observation is used extensively in studies by psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, and program evaluators. Direct observation reduces distortion between the observer and what is observed that can be produced by an instrument (e.g., questionnaire). It occurs in a natural setting, not a laboratory or controlled experiment.

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