Qualitative research question related to professional nursing practice

Identify a qualitative research question related to professional nursing practice. Discuss what qualitative methodology (ethnography, grounded theory or phenomenology) you would use to research the question and why. In your discussion, include at least two research terms associated with that research tradition and explain how they might be incorporated into your research design.

For example: you are interested in studying what it is like to be a new graduate nurse working in the emergency department during a pandemic. The qualitative research methodology you might choose is phenomenology to understand the “lived experience” of the new nurse working in the emergency room during the pandemic. For the assignment, you would explain why, based on your review of different qualitative research methodologies, you chose this method. Why do you think it is a good fit for the topic you are researching. In addition you would discuss to research terms related to this research methodology. For example: phenomenology terms include lived experience, introspection, bracketing, etc,,, How would you incorporate these into your research design?

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