Quality Improvement and Patient’s Safety

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to prepare a paper on a CDC reportable infectious disease that
Scenario: You are a staff member at Pete Rose Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Your supervisor has asked
you to select a MIPS measure from the 2020 QCDR Measure Specifications spreadsheet and design a
process improvement project with an educational initiative as the primary implementation strategy. You have
approximately 10 weeks to complete a proposal that you will prepare for your supervisor for their approval prior
to implementation. Your hospital uses the Model for Improvement developed by the Associates in Process
Improvement as its process improvement methodology of choice.
Task 1: Complete a literature review that extends your understanding of the problem that you have selected
(Rubric is on page 3 of this document)
Format: Your paper will be 1 ½ -3 pages (not including cover page and reference page). It will be in APA

  1. List the MIPS measure you selected.
  2. Define the problem and the evidence based-solutions.
  3. Could be composed of 5-7 peer-reviewed research articles or review articles.
  4. Articles should be less than 5 years old (unless they are classics or there is a limited amount of information.
  5. The evidence should be rated according to the Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP Evidence Level and Quality
    Guide (This is not required for the paper, but is needed for a table on the PowerPoint).

Sample Solution